Celebrating Diversity with Mapex Artists’ Community Events

Mt. Juliet, TN, August 26, 2021… Mapex Drums, in partnership with our artist roster, is proud to announce the launch of the Uplift campaign, creating a platform for Mapex drummers to host fun and educational drumming events in their own communities. Uplift gives Mapex Artists a chance to change lives through drumming in their own home neighborhoods, churches, community centers, and schools. Mapex artists will create unique events in their hometowns which the brand will support with sponsorship, giveaways, promotions, and special drum sets. Every successful drummer started somewhere, and this program allows our artists to give back to that special place that started them on their musical journey.

Rashid Williams (John Legend) and Reggie Johnson (Baby Face) are just a few of the more than a dozen artists who will be hosting Uplift events in 2021. The campaign is expected to continue in 2022 with even more activities. A listing of upcoming Uplift events will be announced on Mapex’s social media channels.

“How many drummers do you know, that when asked where or by whom they were originally inspired to try the drums, the answer is church or a family member or both?” remarks Mapex brand manager Jeff Mulvihill. “This program sets up a support system for Mapex artists to lift up, give back, and spread positive drumming experiences in their home communities supporting the chance to be that inspiration for someone else.”

Traditionally, brands support drum clinics and events at retailers or venues to influence sales. Uplift puts the focus on the connection between drummer and community, and promotes drums and drumming through one of their local heroes.